It has been quite awhile since we’ve put together a video for our Lost Chases Collection, which are recalls of past chases that may not have been all-timer highlights for us — but still ended up being memorable storm chases.

For this one, we travel back in time to September 1, 2014 with a cold front approaching from the North and a west to east boundary draped near the Oklahoma-Kansas border. The team chased this late summer event with the expectation we could see a rare early September tornado.

For this chase, we ended up with a pretty isolated supercell with one of the most classic radar presentations I can ever remember chasing. We *probably* saw a tornado near Arkansas City — but we did not anticipate the storm strengthening unexpectedly as the line caught it and missed a tornado just after sunset. Alas! This day still came together with incredible structure including an intense glowing RFD at one point. Check it all out!

As an aside, we did a video not long ago on tornado season disappearing in June which you can find here:

That same trend is also happening on the other end of summer in September. This is born out in data but even anecdotally, I used to consider September/October the second season but recent trends are suggesting that may be now more of an October/November thing.

0:00-1:20 – Storm Formation Imminent
1:21-2:01 – Rapidly Strengthening Supercell
2:02-3:52 – Incredible Structure With Glow
3:53-4:44 – Tornadooooo?
4:45-6:32 – Wow Structure
6:33-7:18 – Wind Down


Panasonic G9:
Panasonic 12-35mm:
Panasonic 12-60mm:
Panasonic X1500:
Insta 360 One X2:
Pelican Case:


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