Give me a moment to wax poetic, but I really enjoy a good High Plains storm — and a good desert storm. Really, just a storm.

June was coming and I was ready to hit the road again across the Southern High Plains. There was a reasonable shot at some supercells across portions of the Texas Panhandle back into New Mexico, so you know what I had to do. It was indeed, chase time.

On June 6, 2023, we observed a distant supercell near Carlsbad, New Mexico. And on June 7, 2023, a small complex of storms made their way towards Dalhart, Texas.

0:00 – June Chasing Time!
0:49 – Storm to the SW
1:38 – LP Supercell
2:13 – That Was Interesting
2:37 – Cuervo Hello
3:15 – Storms Taking Shape
3:44 – Getting Closer to the Cluster
4:19 – Weak Supercell
5:07 – Storms Everywhere
5:40 – Greenville Green Field!
7:00 – Linear Mode Overtaking Us
7:50 – Outflow Madness
8:33 – Sculpted Shelf