So hey, here’s an update to what we’re up to (because this is the best way to keep everyone informed short-term).

Work continues on the site, Titan U content is all back online as we continue moving forward. Current plan is to flesh out most of our content by December 15 on the site and have it largely done.

This was necessary as we were working with a multi-year old DB that wasn’t in the greatest condition. Currently, we have a gigantic media library of produced material. No seriously, its gigantic. Terabytes of data. So we’ll continue to flesh out video and photo content to create meaningful and engrossing experiences within the site.

As always, our Titan U content is forever free. That’s the promise we made when we expanded it and we will hold to that forever.

Our hope is that the next few years is our next meaningful expansion of its scope, quality, and experience.

Lastly, we are looking ahead to the second decade of TT and we want to ensure we are lifting up more voices within the chase community. We will have more news on this eventually, but just know we absolutely want to ensure we are leading the way on this front.

Thanks as always to everyone who has been a part of this super wild journey. Here’s to another decade that’s more impactful and meaningful than the first!!