Tomorrow: A significant risk of tornadoes, with some strong tornadoes possible, exists across the South. The risk area is centered on Eastern Arkansas, Western Mississippi, and Northeast Louisiana. The extent of the tornado risk will depend on the storm mode tomorrow, but the environment will certainly support strong tornadoes tomorrow afternoon and evening.

When: Storms should be ongoing at the start of the day, but the supercells that would pose the most significant tornado threat will take shape in the afternoon and persist into the evening hours. The tornado threat should maximize 4-9 p.m.

Caveats: Storm mode is the question as it often is in the south. If you get more isolated supercells ahead of the advancing line on the cold front, the higher end potential could be realized tomorrow. If those storms fail to materialize or if the modes are way too crowded to provide storms with clean inflow, then the tornado risk will be lower BUT NOT ZERO.

Threats: Significant risk of tornadoes, some strong if supercells take shape ahead of the line. Otherwise, an enhanced threat of tornadoes along the advancing line along with damaging winds.