One of my favorite places to chase storms is in Northeast New Mexico where the Great Plains kiss the Rocky Mountains.

This is a hotbed that is historically under-chased with multiple supercell and severe storm days every year occurring when upslope winds deliver plentiful moisture to the east slopes of the Rockies. Storm formation in this regime is pretty easy to come by with the key most days being the number of storms that form as well as the strength of wind shear.

I wanted to dedicate some of my love to this region with a video of a day where the ingredients were INCREDIBLY sketchy for severe storms, yet somehow against all odds, Sangre De Cristo magic came through with pretty scenes to timelapse and photograph. As I say in the video, I wasn’t even really sure I was making the three-hour drive until well into the afternoon!

This video is from a storm chase on May 10, 2020 during my sad and unfortunate COVID limited year of chasing thanks to my job. So I only really got to chase my home state of New Mexico and it was a down year here soooooo you can imagine how that turned out overall.

Still, I hope you enjoy the chill vibes with pretty storms.