This is the year that, no matter what, it seemed like setups in New Mexico just did amazing things….

I don’t often say this, but I felt really fortunate to live in Albuquerque this year as New Mexico seemingly had setup after setup of big time supercell days in late-May. On May 25, 2023, I was expecting not much at all, but decided to chase anyways because when it is May you absolutely chase. Typically, you reserve New Mexico for June, July, and August. But this year the weather patterns set up as such that the High Plains went off early and often.

0:00 – Picture Perfect
0:19 – Good Afternoon from New Mexico!
1:23 – The Storm Setup
1:47 – Developing Supercell
2:43 – Uh Oh
3:18 – Guess this is our storm…
4:25 – Sunset Views
6:15 – Dying or Thriving?
7:20 – Evening Views