Typically, if you saw a precipitation map in December as you do on the left, you would be forgiven if you thought a major winter was about to impact the middle of the country. But a glance at the 6-10 day temperature outlook on the right reveals we will remain warm for this time of year as a storm system moves across the Plains. It looks like we have a good shot of rain in the region mid-late this week.

This is yet another moisture-rich system swinging through, with plenty of rain set to fall starting on Thursday and lasting into the weekend. Trailing this rain will be a bonafide winter storm (and possibly White Christmas) for portions of the High Plains and adjacent Rockies foothills from Wyoming down to New Mexico. The WPC 7-day forecast doesn’t fully capture all of the rain that might fall, given some of the action does reside beyond the seven-day window, but as it stands right now, over an inch of rain may be widespread by Christmas. 

This will likely continue to erode the ongoing drought conditions on our march to a drought-free start to the Spring in a few months.