Sometimes a storm chase is completely and utterly unexpected in what it produces. On this day, there was a weak MCV in northern Kansas but no other real indications that something incredibly powerful could take shape. In fact, the best tornado risk on this day was shaded south in southern Kansas.

Still, Titans Eugene Theiszen and Jason Caster waited patiently in northern Kansas near Solomon as a supercell took shape. Over the next three hours or so, they’d witness a storm produce a long-track, monster wedge tornado that was on the ground for nearly 90 minutes. This tornado was rated a high end EF-4 (IMO these might as well be EF-5s but that’s another video for another day).

Tornado date: May 25, 2016
Tornado rating: EF-4

0:00-1:45 – Tornado Touching Down
1:46-3:45 – Tornado Growing Larger
3:46-6:53 – Wedge tornado approaching
6:54-7:56 – Wedge crossing road