We’re seeing our first shot of snow here at the Titan HQ – West in New Mexico this morning. This begs the question, is this the first of several such shots this Winter?

El Niño has a high correlation with cool and wet conditions across the Southwest and Southern Plains during the winter — this almost always means more snow than usual. For Albuquerque, below the mountains to the west and in the notorious ‘snow hole’ — this can still mean seasonal snowfall totals of 13” or more. Correlating that to the rest of the mountains in the Southwest might mean some crucial rivers may run full this upcoming Spring during the snowmelt season, which would be great.

The drought conditions which have persisted in some form or fashion for over a decade now in the Southwest need several of these winters to make a huge dent in the status quo of emptying reserviors most likely — but an El Niño winter might be just the thing to kickstart a recovery.

Snow falling at Titan HQ – West this morning.