Severe weather warnings are in place across several states, including Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas, due to the persistent threat of supercells. These supercells are capable of producing very large hail, damaging gusts, and tornadoes. In southern Missouri and northeast Oklahoma, multiple supercells have formed along a frontal boundary. Conditions remain conducive for tornado formation due to warming temperatures and unstable air masses. Eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas are experiencing extreme instability, heightening the likelihood of isolated supercells with large hail and periodic tornado threats.

Further south, central and northeast Texas are bracing for isolated to scattered severe storms over the next few hours. These storms are expected to bring very large hail and possibly a few intense, albeit brief, tornadoes due to a highly unstable air mass and strong shear near the dryline. The expansive, uncapped warm sector suggests these severe conditions could persist for an extended duration.