This is the briefest of brief notes to discuss this week’s severe weather threat. As we’ve talked about, the risk has lowered and shifted east with the faster timing on the cold front. At this time, we’re not expecting anything of real note in the middle of the country in terms of severe weather.

But now, here’s a quick talk on March: It looks like the pattern for March will be rather active across the country, with a lot of cold air in the western 1/2 of the nation. March is a notorious time for extensive mixed weather systems, with big snows and severe weather out of the same systems. So it’s not unheard of to have this happen, but expect an active storm track with many weather threats throughout the month.

It would be pretty surprising if we don’t end up with at least some severe weather this month in the Plains to the Southeast with such an active storm track. I am casually watching the first week of March as a possible window of time to see some Plains storm chasing. But where/when/is it worth it — that’s a who-knows response.

A parade of fronts will likely keep severe weather chances sporadic but far from non-existent. Storm season is arriving soon, so it’s time to dust off your severe weather safety plans and begin checking trusted weather sources regularly!