Today is the first day many of you will may feel like we might just be coming out of the deep freeze across the middle of the country. And, if long-range climate models and projections have anything to say, we may just be coming out of the worst of winter in terms of temperature.

Climate models (and professional forecasters) are pretty adamant about significant warming commencing in the typical source region for arctic air for the middle of the country through the rest of this month AND throughout much of February. Given that our sun angle is increasing, this probably means that the cold we’ve just come through would have been the worst of the season. This does not mean it will not get cold again. In fact, despite how ‘warm’ these maps feel, they are warmest in places that are typically very cold this time of year. So there will still be cold air ready to come south, just not as cold as what we just had. 

It should also be noted that the pattern looks very active moving forward. So we’ll likely have a few more winter storms and just general big rainmakers coming through. During the week of January 22-29, it looks like another impactful system may occur from the Southwest onto the Plains. We may not yet be to Spring, but we probably won’t be imitating Alaska either moving forward.