Storm chasing is a giant game of chess. There are so many decisions I have to make when it comes to chasing storms to get in good position for photos and videos — from road networks to storm mode to storm speed, goodness me!

But what if I told you, that despite all of those factors and then some, I typically employ one simple rule to be in the right spot that’s both safe and good on storm visibility? Does it sound too simple? Perhaps, but it has worked for me for nearly 20 years of storm chasing. I’ve only ran into trouble (a broken windshield and a near miss with a wedge tornado) when I broke this one rule.

So in this very simple but hopefully helpful Titan U video, I’m giving away a bit of the Titan secret sauce — how I stay ahead of the storm, stay safe, and still find my way to the promised land of a great storm shot.

0:00-0:46 Intro
0:47-2:10 Background on why I do what I do
2:11-3:56 My one simple rule