Let’s answer the question: How big do tornadoes get?

Tornadoes can be both very big, and quite small. Their sizes can range from a few yards across to a couple of miles!

Thus, tornado size is certainly a variable topic.

Interestingly, size doesn’t matter in terms of tornado strength. Bigger tornadoes do have a bigger footprint of possible damage, but the bigger size doesn’t necessarily mean the tornado is stronger.

In fact, many violent tornadoes are not the gigantic ‘wedge shaped’ tornadoes that span 1/2 mile across or more.

How Big Do Tornadoes Get? Size Doesn’t Matter.

In this video, we try to break down some of the myths of tornado size and give some examples of truly behemoth tornadoes as well as a couple of helpful pointers about how the funnel isn’t just what the tornado is.

Tornado size is actually more than just the visible funnel. That is an important item to consider when spotting or chasing in tornado alley.

So how big do tornadoes get? The answer is: potentially as huge as almost 3 miles across but most usually less than 100 yards wide.

And, regardless of size, all tornadoes are dangerous.