Whoa! We got a storm chase in this last weekend so let’s get some new content going shall we?

Today we’re breaking down the supercell we saw which produced a few brief tornadoes before it outran us on the sparse Texas Panhandle road network.

Our initial view of this storm is more distant, which is helpful as sometimes we have to observe storm behavior from this range and reporting is still crucial as you never know if people closer will be reporting. We break down some things we’re looking at and hopefully teach a thing or two.

Next is a driving view from a couple of miles away almost to the due east of a storm rapidly transitioning into an HP supercell. This classic to wet transition is pretty typical for big supercell environments so we talk about things you might look for when this is happening.

It’s a long storm season! We’ll have much more content coming your way as the chases come. Stay tuned!