Do you want to learn way too much about the future of tornadoes, storm chasing, and event things like water management on the Great Plains?

In this must-watch video, Raychel sat down with esteemed meteorologist and expert on climate trends with severe weather, Walker Ashley, to explore the shifting trends for the future of severe convective storms in the United States.

Forget what you thought you knew about tornado alley, because we talk about how the future is not what you think, and Great Plains storm chasers shouldn’t fully despair just yet.

Walker takes time to explain the reality of what tornado alley really is and how the frequency of tornadoes in the United States may be shifting.

But that’s not all. Walker also reveals surprising insights into what future tornado seasons might look like. Brace yourself for some mind-boggling data, including greater variability in future years and an expanded season.

Are you curious yet? We thought so. This is a rare opportunity to hear from one of the top minds in meteorology, and learn about a topic that impacts millions of people every year. So, if you’re ready to be educated and entertained, and if you want to know the truth about Tornado Alley and its future in our ever-evolving climate, check out this video.

0:00 – Why weather?
2:02 – Naked Supercells and Storm Chasing
6:08 – The Future of Tornado Alley
9:38 – Cause of Subtle Shift East
10:54 – Simulating the Future of Tornado Alley
13:48 – Tornado Season is Expanding?
15:35 – Stronger cap = R.I.P. June?
18:25 – Future Jet Stream Strength
20:31 – Future Storm Ingredients
21:58 – Valentine’s Day Storm Season?
23:48 – April is May and May is April
25:16 – Warmer Gulf Early Means More Severe
26:16 – More seasonal variability
29:06 – Boom or Bust Seasons?
31:00 – Great Human Impacts?
34:12 – More Tornadoes, But After Dark
37:11 – More Naked Supercells?
37:24 – Can the High Plains Make It?
40:00 – Where the Science Goes From Here
44:00 – Where To Get in Touch