The HREF has come into quite a bit of consistency in placing a bullseye of ice accumulations along and south of I-44 in Oklahoma tonight into tomorrow morning. Overall, ice accumulations will average .25-.5” in this area, with some higher localized totals. This may be enough to warrant a Winter Storm Warning to go with the already-in-place Winter Weather Advisory.

A look at individualized models shows some potential for ice accumulations to be .75” or so in localized swaths in this region. Anything over .25” can cause issues with power outages, with anything over half an inch (.5”) making that a bit more likely. Another thing to watch out for will be icy bridges for tomorrow morning’s work commute in this region. 

This isn’t something we haven’t dealt with before in this region, but it’ll be enough to cause issues for some, most likely to start this upcoming week.