A system will emerge into the middle of the country and then slide east, bringing a cold front down from Tuesday to Wednesday next week. With moisture drawn north ahead of this system, there will be at least a low-end severe weather threat both days.

Tuesday: The risk on Tuesday stretches from far Eastern Oklahoma up to Indiana. There is a chance of storms in the daytime before the main energy from the upper storm system arrives across portions of Oklahoma and into Arkansas. Still, wind shear is a little weaker initially, and capping/instability may be a problem. The more likely scenario is that storms form well after dark along a surging cold front, with damaging winds and a low tornado threat. Veered surface winds lead to shear vectors that point to a linear mode of storms along the quickly advancing front.

Wednesday: The storms from late Tuesday will carry over into Wednesday with damaging winds and a low tornado threat across the South. The question for Wednesday is what, if any, storms can form ahead of the line, with the strong upper lift influencing the environment. However, the Euro is very fast on the frontal passage, to the point that the threat on Wednesday could be quite limited. We’ll be watching it either way.

The Bottom Line: We’re watching both days closely, with early indications being a low tornado threat and damaging winds along an extensive line of storms.