Did this storm produce a tornado?

Earlier this week we chased storms in Western Oklahoma with incredible environmental wind shear present. However, there was a major limiting factor preventing a large tornado outbreak: very meager moisture, with dewpoints only in the low 50s. This doesn’t preclude tornadoes on the Plains, but it does make it harder for storms to produce tornadoes due to higher cloud bases and less efficient low-level processes that can lead to tornadoes.

We watched this storm near Elk City, Oklahoma with a lot of nervous anticipation. For me, it was almost a 1:1 repeat of the Hammon tornado day in 2010, but only almost. Despite this storm doing everything needed to produce a tornado, this funnel never did make verified ground contact. I’m a pretty big believer that anytime you have a funnel halfway down like this, you probably do have at least very weak ground contact going on — but you need visual proof to verify and that was absent on this storm. The verdict: No official tornado, but this is as close as you can come without one. #weather #nature #tornado #oklahoma #science