Cold weather, Painted Desert thunderstorms yesterday in A…

Cold weather, Painted Desert thunderstorms yesterday in Arizona! Getting a [...]

Spooky Storm Stories: A Few of My Scariest Storm Chases

Listen, we generally keep a low-profile at Tornado Titans and I personally don’t take excessively dumb risks. Still, even being pretty careful, I’ve had a few pretty close calls over the years. Here’s a few of the scariest encounters I’ve had, but only a few (we have to save other spooky tales for future years!).…

UNREAL Storm Structure: A Compilation of AMAZING Supercells and More

Over the years I have seen some INCREDIBLE storm structure. [...]

Titan Rewind! | Three classic April storm chase days | April 14, 2012, April 9, 2012, April 24, 2011

Today, we’re taking a look at three classic April chase [...]

Tornado Titans – “The Titan Way” – 2012 Website Re-launch Trailer

This was a fun little trailer we put together for [...]

Winter Wonderland in Oklahoma (January 6, 2017)

Playing with a drone with beautiful winter landscapes in Oklahoma [...]