June 22, 2018 Storm Chase | NW OK Supercells and Derecho

This was the ceremonial end to the 2018 storm chase [...]

May 29, 2018 Storm Chase | Incredible Southern Plains Supercell and brief Tornado!

This day was one of the few highlights of the [...]

May 28, 2018 Storm Chase | Beautiful LP Supercell and then Tornado in the TX/OK Panhandles!

This is a day that initially felt like it was [...]

May 25, 2018 Storm Chase | LP Supercell followed by quick MCS generation!

Admittedly the title to this video is not fully quite [...]

May 18, 2018 Storm Chase | High Based Supercells in the Texas Panhandle

On this day we kept tabs on a few supercells [...]

May 14, 2018 Storm Chase | The Missed Opportunity

This is a sad story of storm chasing (don't let [...]

May 13, 2018 Storm Chase | Beautiful flying saucer near Childress, Texas

This was a solid day that required some thought in [...]

May 2, 2018 Storm Chase | Big risk day goes kaput in Western OK

This was a day where the risk was higher end, [...]

May 1, 2018 Storm Chase | LP cells along the Kansas-Oklahoma border

This was a more classic looking day as opposed to [...]

April 30, 2018 Storm Chase | LPs in the Texas Panhandle

It seemed that, finally there was a glimmer of hope [...]