This was the most maxed out day I’ve ever chased

There’s not much else you can say about May 24, 2011 except that every index you look for to get tornadoes on the Southern Plains was at or near max levels. Deservedly, the Storm Prediction Center issued a high risk for this day, and the results bore out the absolutely incredibly maxed out atmosphere from…

November 7, 2011 Storm Chase | GoPro Timelapse Towards Tornado Producing Supercell

Driving towards and eventually through a supercell to a tornado.

November 7, 2011 Storm Chase | Close Range Manitou, OK Tornado!

Brandon Sullivan and Brett Wright caught this tornado from close [...]

November 7, 2011 Storm Chase | Saddle Mountain, OK Large Tornado

This was another of our tornado intercepts from the historic [...]

Fall Tornadoes! November 7, 2011 Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak (Vertical)

*Originally posted on IG* A collection of some tornado shots [...]

November 7, 2011 Storm Chase | Saddle Mountain Tornado in SW OK

This video shot by Brandon Sullivan shows the powerful Saddle [...]

June 19, 2011 Storm Chase | Tornadic Supercell in N Kansas

Have you ever been so out of position that you [...]

June 18, 2011 Storm Chase | Supercell and Tornado on the Oklahoma/Kansas State Line

This was a great chase day where we observed a [...]

June 18, 2011 Storm Chase | Tornado Ropes Out in Osage County, Oklahoma

A beautiful rope out of a tornado in Osage County, [...]