Not All Storms Are Equal: Which Ones are DANGEROUS?

Not all thunderstorms are the same! Learn the 3 main storm types: single-cell, multicell, and supercell. Discover their unique features and the severe weather threats they pose. Thunderstorms can range from brief downpours to destructive forces of nature. Knowing the difference is crucial for your safety! In this video, we’ll explore the three main thunderstorm…

Weird Tornado Tracks: Why El Reno (2013) Wasn’t That Strange

Tornadoes taking highly deviant turns is not really that unusual, even with large and violent tornadoes. That’s the inspiration behind this video, where I recount our storm chase of the infamous El Reno tornado in 2013 and also talk about how, at least when it comes to the track, it was a perfectly normal type…

Tornado Watches vs. Tornado Warnings: The Differences Explained and What to Look Out For

Something that still surprises me to this day is how often people get watches and warnings confused! This…IS NOT GOOD! Tornado watches mean conditions are favorable for tornadoes to form in the next few hours. A warning is literally an alert telling you a tornado is ongoing or imminent. I explain this in a bit…

Can You Spot Tornado Lookalikes Underneath Storms?

One of the biggest 'bad' storm reporting trends I see [...]

Want to Photograph Monsoon Season? | Five Tips to Photograph the Monsoons

Every summer in the desert southwest of the United States, [...]