Things You Are Probably Getting Wrong About Storm Chasing

Today we’re going into the comments section to talk about some of the most popular comments (or at least topics) that we see. Simply put, it seems like there are a lot of misconceptions about storm chasing and what it is all about, including how easy it is and how each of us approaches it.…

Weather Satellite and Mesoanalysis Top to Bottom Walkthrough and Demo

Satsquatch is one of the best apps for storm chasers on the market today! It features all the mesoanalysis essentials you need and every satellite view you could ever dream of with a customizable drag/pinch/scroll type of map customization to make sure you can see the exact view you want to see. There is so,…

I Wish I Knew These Five Things When I Started Storm Chasing

Every new storm chaser will learn some harsh lessons while [...]

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