The extensive system we’ve been discussing for a few days is moving on east today. Blizzard conditions have been noted across portions of the Midwest, and tornado watches have been in effect continuously across the South since last night.

The moist/unstable airmass hasn’t made it far onshore for the severe weather threat. In the morning Birmingham sounding on the top right, I am noting that there is a surface inversion that is pretty deep. A glance at mesoanalysis only puts the surface CAPE just slightly inland. This seems to fit within the lower-bound narrative that has been emerging today for a while. The Gulf of Mexico is beginning to cool rapidly, and I think we’re seeing the evidence of that manifest with moisture-starved systems even in the South.

Meanwhile, the blizzard/winter storm continues in the Midwest, and heavy rain exists in between both, with a flooding threat. It’s a big system, but it’s nothing we haven’t dealt with many times prior.