The first ‘big’ risk of the day I was able to chase was the May 2, 2022 event in Northern Oklahoma. All signs pointed to an atmosphere ripe for tornadoes if you could keep storms isolated. That was going to be an issue to be sure, but it wasn’t going to stop us from giving the day a go!

Initially, we targeted the initial development that was just south of the Kansas border north and west of Fairview, OK. However, this convection went high precipitation really fast as storm modes crowded up. The potential was there though as the bases were threatening with ominous wall clouds at times in the right locations.

A storm near Fairview produced a brief funnel but ultimately had the same issue. I should have bailed on this one sooner because storms were firing on the dry line further south and were promising to be much more isolated — but my lateness resulted in me watching a storm ramp up and produced a short-lived but very well formed funnel (and probable tornado) to my southeast.