Ah yes, a home field chase in the Land of Enchantment! Ever since I moved here, I’ve dreamed of a supercell forming off of the Sangre De Cristo mountains and spinning over the open high plains just to the east with it eventually producing a pretty tornado.

On this June storm chase day, I had a good feeling about seeing a supercell but I in no way expected what was to come. A beautiful low-precipitation (LP) supercell thunderstorm took shape and ran down the front ranges of the Sangres for a couple of hours. It was incredible to witness!

And, to top this day off the storm decided to move into a giant road hole only to produce a photogenic tornado which most storm chasers saw from a distance. But an incredible storm chase day!

0:00-0:30 Intro
0:31-1:54 LP Storm Takes Shape
1:55-2:58 LP Storm Along Mountains
2:59-4:40 Close Documentation of a Giant Hail Producer
4:41-6:13 Distant Tornado
6:14-6:58 Day Ends
6:59-7:40 Conclusion