Models are consistent with a solution that implies sustained W and SW flow over a moist airmass in Tornado Alley starting late next week. This is a classic setup for multiple rounds of severe thunderstorms over several days. 

It’s hard to pin down too many specifics right now, as there is a decent model spread among members. However, it does seem likely that we will see multiple successive severe weather risks of varying degrees starting Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

Right now, the most pressing days of the next week look to be Friday through Sunday. However, models disagree about the degree and speed of storm systems being ejected over the warm/moist airmass. Timing is everything, as storm chasers should know all too well after events earlier this month. Still, with the increasing sun angles and the better moisture, the atmosphere will likely not find ways to go bust through this whole setup like in prior systems. 

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this. Storm chase mode is already activated, and plans are being made.