We took this day all the way to the House (New Mexico) with a beautiful evening and then blue hour storm.

I wasn’t expecting much on this day (May 27, 2023), but we chased anyways because it is May and you chase. Storms looked ready to take off very early in the day, but it seemed like as soon as they’d get going, they’d also then die.

As we moved through the afternoon, I was beginning to feel uneasy that maybe there was just not enough upper support to overcome the little bit of capping we had. But, just as soon as my doubts began to rise, storms took off. We chose the easternmost cell in a cluster of developing cells, which became an impressive supercell for a time near House, New Mexico, before the cap won towards sunset.

0:00 – The Setup
0:57 – Why won’t storms go today?
1:29 – Kaboom, Finally
2:44 – Finally on the Good Side
3:21 – Supercell Views
4:21 – Dramatic Dissipation
6:21 – Flooded Out
7:38 – Stunning Twilight Storm