In this video, we kick off with a serene start to the month, promising a few days of calm weather. However, don’t get too comfortable; the storm track is gearing up for action by the end of the week. We delve into an in-depth analysis, predicting a significantly active weather pattern for much of February. For those in the west and extending out onto the Plains, prepare for a blanket of snow as winter makes its presence known.

Contrastingly, the risk of severe weather, including tornadoes, remains low across the country for at least a couple/few weeks. Those in Florida might just find themselves in the most favorable weather spot this month for any big severe weather setups, but even then, it might just be really quiet. Our analysis links these patterns to a classic El Niño signal, bringing unique weather conditions. Don’t miss out on this insightful and detailed forecast, tailored to help you navigate through February’s weather. Be on the lookout for our Dumb 2024 Spring Seasonal Outlook due out in a couple of weeks!

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