It is unlikely that we see many, if any, additional tornado reports in 2023. So, with that, let’s break down the stats.

  • We are currently at 1423 tornadoes overall, which is slightly more than above average.
  • The bulk of the activity this year was based in the Southeast and Mid-South, part of a longer-term trend of increasing tornado frequency in that region.
  • Still, the Plains were also very busy, which will remain the case with seasonal variability in local regions.
  • That variability in action is easily seen in Central Kansas, where there were 0 tornado watches this year. That is an exceptionally rare occurrence.
  • La Niña tends to shift tornado seasons east, which you can clearly see on the map.
  • There were a lot of hail reports and severe weather events on the Plains overall; you can see this outlined in the severe thunderstorm watch density map.

Overall, this was an average-ish year. The count was where yearly counts tend to be, and we saw the typical variable distribution of tornado reports. It’s too early to get into specifics about 2024, but recent El Niño springs have tended to be busier than average. We’ll have a complete seasonal outlook soon!