Just a few days before this chase day, I thought I was done for awhile. Mother nature had other plans, and it was all set to happen close to home.

On May 31, 2023, I woke up realizing very clearly it was another chase day in New Mexico. Everything pointed towards this being the case, from the plentiful moisture streaming north and west to the Central Highlands to the increasing upper-level wind shear. Everything was pointing towards another big chase day across Central New Mexico — the year that I realized me moving to New Mexico probably brought Tornado Alley west.

(That’s my story for now anyways)

0:00 – Whoa!
0:20 – I Was Wrong About May
1:10 – Today’s Setup
1:40 – Supercell Ahead!
2:38 – Tornado imminent?
3:30 – Tornado!
5:20 – New Area Forming
6:10 – It Looks Interesting
6:41 – Structure!
7:40 – Our Storm Is Sick
8:30 – Nice Day