Data continues to roll in that is higher in resolution, a trend that will continue through the next 48 hours or so. As it stands right now, the overall look of cloud cover conditions is improving for many areas of the country as model resolution is able to define potential areas of clouds better.

  • Texas has been the subject of much consternation regarding the cloud forecast, and for good reason. While some of the newest data shows many breaks in the clouds, it does seem likely there will be a lot of high-level cirrus around. This may not completely obscure the eclipse, though.
  • Further NE throughout SE Oklahoma, Arkansas, into Missouri the latest data is showing broken clouds with areas of sun and areas of clouds. This seems like a good bet since you are further from the subtropical low that’s moving east on Monday.
  • The midwest will similarly have a mixed bag of cloud cover, but there will be breaks in some areas.
  • New England continues to look the most promising, especially Maine where just about every model has clear skies.