Join storm chaser Raychel Sanner as she provides insights into the 2023 severe season outlook for the Central and Southern Great Plains, otherwise known as the traditional Tornado Alley. In this video, Raychel shares her thoughts on what to expect in March, April, May, and June, which are typically the most active months for severe weather in the region.

While this is a broad seasonal outlook, there are several factors that could make this year a busy one for storm chasers.

Throughout the video, Raychel provides valuable insights and predictions on weather patterns and conditions that could impact the 2023 severe season. She notes that if the drought over the southwest intensifies, the cap could be stronger, potentially affecting storm activity. However, current predictions indicate a robust and wet March across the southwest, which could be good news for storm chasers.

Raychel also highlights that this year could be an interesting one for storm chasers since it has been relatively quiet in the past few years. Although she doesn’t think it will be an all-time year for severe weather, it could feel pretty busy.

Watch the full video to see what weexpect in the Central and Southern Great Plains during the peak of severe weather season.