Back in August of 2009, Sanner and Goforth decided Tornado Titans was a thing. 10 years later, we’re still around!

This is a selection of highlights from all our chasers from the past 10 years of chasing. These shots include some of our favorite tornado and supercell chases from the past decade. Most of us were chasing well before the foundation of TT, but it felt like cheating to include stuff pre-TT.

It has been a wild ride. We’ve grown on social media, had a few versions of the website and even a couple of versions of a YouTube channel (HEY WELCOME TO THE NEWEST ONE) — but the one constant has been the pursuit of capturing incredible skies.

Hope you enjoy and remember, spring is coming…

Shots from:

-Brandon Goforth
-Brett Wright
-Raychel Sanner
-Brandon Sullivan
-Eugene Thieszen
-Jason Castor
-Josh Ward