We’ve been talking about this all afternoon, but the thick clouds have indeed kept the cap well in place across Oklahoma thus far. I don’t think that holds all afternoon, with forcing for ascent almost certainly leading towards an uptick in storm coverage. 

Large hail remains the primary threat, with some baseball and softball size hail still looking pretty possible, especially across North Texas and Northern Oklahoma into adjacent portions of Kansas and Missouri.

The tornado threat is very low right now, and may remain that way for some time. The strongest supercell in the region is near Abilene and is very outflow dominant at this time (4 p.m. CDT) leading to upscale storm growth on its flank. This may hinder the overall tornado threat by quite a bit today as thick anvil cloud cover will replace departing cirrus, keeping the cap at least somewhat in place further north — which we talked about in today’s morning forecast blog.