Looking at current radar and satellite trends mixed with current mesoanalysis data, the complex across North Texas is stabilizing the air across the Southern parts of Oklahoma with widespread anvil rain. The severe threat here seems lower through much of the rest of the day, though some large hail reports are possible as a couple of lightning strikes can be noted in recent scans in southern Oklahoma. Any cells that can take shape here will likely be rooted just above the surface.

The storms in Texas will be capable of damaging winds and large hail. With storm mode more linear, the tornado threat is lower but not zero. This is especially true as low-level shear ramps up in the next couple of hours. The DFW metroplex is right in the path of these cells.

The front will eventually see some storms form along it, but instability here is weaker, and the air ahead of the front is in the process of being worked over by ongoing anvil shield rain. Large hail will be the primary threat here.