Will that tower become a storm?

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Disclaimer: Today’s storm anatomy video is a bit different than just simply diagramming a storm and listing its parts.

I promise we’ll get back to that next week!

This week I want to take a peek at addressing visual cues as to which cumulus towers may become storms and which ones won’t become storms.

There are typically three keys I look for to determine if a tower is on its way to storm time or not:

1)Are the edges crisp and hard (this varies depending on the amount of instability as to how crisp is crisp enough)
2)Is the tower constantly growing upwards (storms need to be doing this)
3)Is the tower widening or narrowing? (Narrowing towers are not a sign of a storm developing)

There are a variety of ways to determine all of these things! We’ll review some of the basics in this video. Also, we definitely will return to this topic in time to talk about it beyond a basic level!