Why Do Storms Turn That Greenish Hue?

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What the heck is up with storms turning green?

Is it aliens? Is it the reflection of grass below storms? Or do you think its the more common explainer that the green color comes from hail?

There’s a lot of great myths about what to do when the sky turns green. Some people even swear it means a tornado is brewing when the sky turns green.

The fact is, none of this is actually true.

In fact, one scientific experiment ran by Dr. Frank Gallagher of the University of Oklahoma, storms were measured with a spectrophotometer…say that one 10 times fast…and it was found that storms had the color they had regardless of what the terrain looks like underneath them.

Further, there has been no correlation established that a green colored thunderstorm will necessarily produce hail or tornadoes. This is science peeps.

In that same experiment by Dr. Gallagher, storm colors were matched with the types of severe weather they produced. It was found that there was no correlation on color and severe weather produced.

The truth is, storms turning green is likely — BUT NOT YET PROVEN — to be the result of good old fashioned tricks of light.

A raindrop or water droplet within a storm tend to absorb red light, scattering blue light. This typically gives storms their grayish-blue hues you most commonly see. However, as the light hitting a storm ‘warms’ or becomes more red, you could start seeing storms become greener.

Its been observed the greenest storms tend to happen later in the afternoon and during the sunset hours versus the middle of the day.

Take a look at the visible color spectrum. During the middle of the day, sunlight tends to be cooler..or more blue. But as the sun begins the lower through and eventually reaching the horizon, the light moves closer to the red wavelengths.

Anything that is naturally blue will tend to shift to the right, or to the warmer colors, as the dominant light source warms. Thus, a storm with blue hues will tend to be more green as the sun begins to set.

Of course, people will still swear that storms turn green due to whatever factors you have been taught to believe, but the science tends to point to light and color and not the fact giant chunks of ice are present…being the reason storms turn green.