What are the deadliest threats from storms?

///What are the deadliest threats from storms?

What are the deadliest threats from storms?

When it comes to storms and what is the leading cause of death from them — the answer may surprise you.

The answer to this question (without spoiling the video too much) is that the weather events that typically get all the headlines aren’t the weather events that kill the most people.

The caveat to this video is that all storm threats are deadly in their own way, and we should certainly be messaging that  threat, but at the same time you may be surprised to find out which storm threat is the deadliest. 

The Deadliest Storm Threats

When it comes to storm chasing and ensuring you are safe, everyone always focuses on tornadoes.

But tornadoes are not the deadliest threats from storms.

Would you be surprised to learn flash flooding is the greatest storm threat? Lightning is also a big killer and is a constant threat, especially for storm chasers.

This is all to not diminish the threat from tornadoes, but rather to reinforce that severe storms all possess potentially deadly characteristics.

Both hail and wind can potentially be fatal as well, if you do not prepare yourself for them.

Weather Related Fatalities 2017

Weather Related Fatalities by weather type.

Other Deadly Weather

Heat is the number one weather killer in the United States year in and year out. The number of deaths each year from heat roughly doubling that of tornadoes.

Not coincidentally, weather can turn deadly in an instant without the proper preparedness. You should visit our Storm Preparedness section to keep you and your family safe for the future.

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