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Waterspouts off Coasts of NY and MI, Large Hail in Canada! – October 16, 2015

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With very little threat of actual severe weather in the country the past couple of days, we’ve certainly had a few notable events both here in America and just across the border in Canada. Let’s go to the video!

This Morning: Waterspouts off Coast of Long Island

Check out all of those waterspouts! You can clearly see at least four from this storm off of the coast of Long Island this morning. Pretty cool to see this at this point in the year — we’re going to see a decent shot of snow for parts of New England this weekend, yikes!

Video from Steven DiMartino off Westhampton Beach – Multiple waterspouts. time of video around 8am, October 16th 2015… If you have video/photos of waterspouts and hail from this morning can you also please email to the National Weather Service[email protected] thank you.. and you can post on my page as well.

Posted by News12 Long Island Meteorologist Rich Hoffman on Friday, October 16, 2015

Hailstorm in Canada/Waterspout in Michigan

The hail isn’t the biggest hail you’ve ever seen, but its still an impressive little hailstorm in the Rocky Crest Golf Resort yesterday. These storms were rather strong, as they not only produced this hail, but a Waterspout off the Upper Peninsula of Michigan yesterday which looked like it was from a more traditional mesocyclone.