Vlog: We’d Like to File A Missing Persons Report for Storm Season…

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So here’s the deal…storm season is missing.

There’s no other way to describe it.

Its late April, cold fronts are still clearing the Yucatan, nothing is fully green, and I haven’t put away the winter coats.

We have been up to a few things in the meantime. The first is the Rhea Wildfire, which we had some excellent coverage of (links at the end of the video) — on top of that we have had a couple of chases. One was a ‘Supercell but not’ out in Eastern Oklahoma and then a supercell in North Texas.

Looking ahead, tomorrow we live the MRGLife in Western North Texas. High based storms with lightning, hail, and some structure are possible. Beyond that, next week looks *somewhat* promising for storms on the Plains as we head into May. We’ll see.