Vlog: The Chases Cometh (April 10, 2018)

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What an up and down week it has been! We’ve gone from storms, to ice covered roads, to hot and dry with a chance of wildfire, back to storms!

First thing’s first, we look at the week that was with a few clips from our chase last week and then a bit of winter weather (ITS APRIL WHAT THE HECK).

Then we turn our attention to later this week where temps are heating up and so is the weather pattern. Thursday we will have a sharp dryline with an absolute prime environment but Mr. Cap is going to be around, so we’re probably looking at wildfires mainly that day.

But Friday is when we’re watching with the potential for a big chase day from SE Kansas, through Eastern Oklahoma, into North Texas. Conditions look right for supercells and a tornado risk.

We’ll of course have more vids throughout the week, leading up to the risks later this week!