Its Vacation Time! But First, a Quick Video Update!! (We Want Your Help!)

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I’m (Chris) going on vacation then doing the Holiday thing. That means one simple thing: no new WiLD Weather videos or anything else through the end of the year (barring a major local winter storm of course).

As we head into next year we’ll be doing some new things with the video content and I wanted to give an advance preview.

1-More WiLD Weather!
2-More Titan U Content, Doubling Our Current Offering is the Goal
3-A Weekly or Bi-Monthly Q&A
4-Our usual chase video stuff
5-Anything else you might think of?

So IN THE COMMENTS, we’d love it if you could offer suggestions for:
A)New Titan U Courses/Topics
B)Video segments/ideas you’ve had otherwise

Let’s make 2018 great!