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Updates! Tornado Titans Season 4, Titan U, More!

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Hey everyone! I wanted to get a post up today talking about what’s going on here at Titan HQ since we’ve got a lot going on. It’s truly exciting and humbling, and I’m so happy with how things are going so far!

First off, if you haven’t checked it out — we released the first four days of Tornado Titans Season Four yesterday.

These four days are just the beginning, and we have several more planned, with releases through December planned for Season Four. In January, we will have the Limited Edition Digital Download and Blu-Ray available for purchase so you can keep Season Four forever!

Season Four’s premise was simple, I wanted us to make a true WEB series. Too many series (including the first three seasons of Tornado Titans) are actually films cut up into short segments. The web allows for more creativity and flexibility in telling a story, with interactive and multimedia elements possible.

So what we’re doing with Season 4 is creating interactive experiences of chase days, from the pre-chase, to videos showing what we were looking at in the forecast, to the actual chases themselves. You’ll get to know all of us throughout the series, with some of the better character moments still to come!

So Lets Talk Titan U

In case you were away all last February, you missed us completing a herculean task of raising funds for a new and improved era of Titan U. We’ve historically had a bunch of short educational films on YouTube which sought to teach storm chasers about chasing.

With this new effort, we’re looking to make Titan U a global resource for severe weather education and so far progress has been steady.

Right now we are targeting a January launch for the key elements within Titan U — but you will likely start seeing some of the video content on our blog in the coming weeks.

Titan U is a big project and one I’m sure we’ll dedicate a full blog post towards when we ‘officially’ launch the program early next year. For now, progress is steady and its coming along!


Seriously, this has been a wild ride of a year at Tornado Titans. For me personally, for the team, for everyone involved with the Titans I just want to thank you. Thank you for visiting the blog, following us on social media, financially contributing during Titan U, and letting us be a part of your life! We’re humbled and honored and hope top make the future brighter than the present!

Have a great week and be sure to check out the first four days of Tornado Titans Season Four!