The Underrated Chase Days: Back to Back Supercell Chase Days in April 2016

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Storm chasing isn’t just all about tornadoes. This episode of WiLD Weather is dedicated to the days which don’t even come close to producing tornadoes, but still feature unbelievably cool skies and weather events.

Its what chasing is all about.

Our first stop is on April 10, 2016 in Southwest Oklahoma where the OG gang of Chris, Brandon Goforth, and Josh Ward are hot on the trail of potential supercells. The question for this day was simply will we get enough wind shear to organize storms in time. Too late and we end up with a marginally severe line. So, will the shear make it?

Our second stop is with Chris and Brandon Sullivan along a warm front in Northern Texas. This dynamic duo does a great job hunting down a tornado warned supercell, and after diagnosing the storm doesn’t have a huge tornado threat — the focus turns to the giant hail. Can Sanner and Sullivan get some big hailstones?

Watch now and find out!