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Tornado Titans Featured on Mornings Australia!

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We were recently featured on Australia’s top morning news program aptly called, “Mornings” — our own Chris Sanner was interviewed about Tornado Titans Season 4 as well as storm chasing in general. You can check out the interview in the video on the Mornings‘ website!

Mornings caught up with the ‘Tornado Titan,’ Chris Sanner, who spends his days chasing tornados and documenting it on his web series.

“There’s really nothing like it and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else,” Sanner said.

Sanner, who lives in the twister capital of the world, Oklahoma, says he chases tornados because he’s “an adventurer at heart”.

“You grow up in Tornado Alley and you’ve grown up with the extremes that we have here from blizzards to wild fires to super cells and tornados, you can’t help but feel fascinated by that,” Sanner explained.

Check out the video.