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Tornado Titans 2015 – “Renegades” Video

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We are just a few short months away from us releasing our latest production: Tornado Titans 2015. This production is going to be our first series of web videos in THREE years — so we’re pretty much stoked about that.

The “Renegades” trailer for Tornado Titans is all about the chase lifestyle. In many ways its counter to what you’d expect. For a few months a year, we’re not tied down by much and pursue the world’s most amazing storms across the Great Plains (and beyond) of the United States.

We love the atmosphere in motion, and I’m happy to present our first video since ChaserCon. As we’ve always done, we strive to offer the very best content we can produce, and we are so excited to show you more of this year’s production. We can’t wait to share so much more as we approach the launch of Tornado Titans 2015. Enjoy!

Song is “Renegades” by X Ambassadors — a truly fantastic musical group — and is used with YouTube’s very gracious third-party music copyright agreement, and as such this video isn’t available to view in Germany! (sorry y’all!)

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