Severe Weather Preparedness

If you want to be more prepared for severe weather, the courses below will certainly prepare you for severe weather season!

With Titan U, we’ve developed a unit of curriculum which teaches how to get and stay informed, how to develop a plan, how to shelter, and some basics on severe weather. Check out each course below!

How to Get and Stay Informed

This course goes through how you pick a primary weather source, how to check vital weather information, and how to ensure you are informed of the latest weather threats at all times. This is an essential look at how to never be caught off guard!

Dying Supercell East of Waurika, OK. May 7, 2014.

How to Develop a Severe Weather Safety Action Plan

If you ever wanted to know how to develop a plan of action for when severe weather threatens you or your family, this is the course! You will learn how to develop a plan for home, for work, and even in a car! Check it out!

Tornado near Cherokee, OK, April 14, 2012_7782281068_l

Sheltering from Severe Weather

An overview of how to shelter from various storm threats, from hailstorms to tornadoes! Also what do you do when you are caught outdoors with no chance of making it indoors during a thunderstorm? You’ll learn some tips in this lesson!
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The Basics of Severe Weather Season

Now that you know how to be informed and how to have a plan to shelter, let’s learn about the ‘why’ behind storms and their associated threats!