Three Tips to Improve Your Storm Photo Composition

///Three Tips to Improve Your Storm Photo Composition

Three Tips to Improve Your Storm Photo Composition

Photo composition is placing elements within your image to add function and form.

One of the biggest mistakes you’ll find on storm photos across the internet is failing to take the time to compose a shot properly.

Photo composition is important towards creating a great photo. A poorly composed shot is a poor shot, period. Thus, to help you instantly improve your compositions this year, here’s three tips to improve your composition.

Three Tips to Improve Your Storm Photo Composition

Three Tips to Improve Your Storm Photo Composition.

Get Rid of Distractions

You have an amazing storm and you take a picture.

But that picture is actually a power pole, power lines, a tree, and then somewhere in that shot is a storm.

My general rule of thumb is if it is not the storm, it needs to make a strong case for staying in my photo. Because of this, I often opt for simpler compositions that are more storm than landscape.

Of course, sometimes this is unavoidable, but just remember your greatest tool when composing a shot are your feet. Use them.

Take Advantage of Natural Features

Sometimes, natural features are really helpful to give a storm scene context.

Are there mountains? Windmills? A farmhouse?

Smartly integrate these elements into a storm photo to give your shot a sense of place and scale. Storms are huge! So using your composition skills to make them seem that way is a great way to show off nature’s fury.

Balance Your Shots

Try to place elements evenly through a scene. If your storm, the farm house, and the tractor are all on the left with a ton of empty space on the right — your shot is poorly composed.

Think in terms of ensuring balance across your frame both top to bottom and left to right.

Sometimes when your scene is unavoidably busy you can really make the composition pop by simply balancing your elements.

Again, use those feet.

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